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We like you a lot. You are reading this, so we can already tell that you are clever, stylish, and interested in ethical shopping. Let us give you special treatment for being so awesome.  If you haven't already signed up for our mailing list, you must do so NOW. Rumor has it, Belvele Insiders will receive a super special perk this month! And aside from special discounts, signing up ensures you are the first to learn about our informative blog posts, giveaways, and new arrivals. So what are you waiting for??? ENTER YOUR EMAIL BELOW

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How to Shop Consciously

  If you're reading this, chances are you are at least mildly aware of the devastating social and environmental effects of the fashion industry. One of the most common questions I get from friends and acquaintances is, "How can I make a difference?"  The idea of suddenly becoming a "sustainable shopper" from one day to the next is definitely overwhelming. Don't worry. It's not that scary. You can start feeling great about your shopping decisions just by asking yourself a few simple questions the next time you want to buy something: 1. Do I really need it? One of the most effective ways to reduce your negative impact is to simply Shop Less. We have all been guilty of impulse...

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The True Cost: Screening + SF Panel

Last night was our event for Fashion Revolution Week. Guests attended a screening of the documentary film The True Cost followed by a panel discussion featuring Andrea Plell of Ecologique Fashion, Daniela Degrassi of Annaborgia, Luke Swanson of The Tripty Project, Marissa Goodman Thierot of Tempest + Bentley, and myself, representing Belvele.  As guests began to arrive, we asked a few of them to pose for the #whomademyclothes campaign. This is a way for consumers to encourage fashion brands to be more transparent about the origin of their products. After watching the film and discussing the serious issues brought to the surface, attendees realized that we can all help demand progress in the fashion industry by asking questions and shopping more...

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